The West Indies Cricket Board Got Itself Stuck After Eating a Match of the T20 series

Guyana News Deck (UrduTok) The third match of the four-match T20 series between Pakistan and the West Indies has been postponed due to rain. The toss was delayed due to rain but it started raining again before the last ball of the second over of the West Indies innings.

Due to which the match was stopped again. The West Indies Cricket Board had already reduced the five-match T20 series by one match to four matches. After which the first T20 match was called off due to rain. In the second T20 match, Pakistan defeated the host team by seven runs to win the series 1-0.

If the third match of the series is also washed out today, then only one match of the series will be left. In which West Indies will only have a chance to equalize the series. However, if Pakistan wins the last match, it can win the series 2-0.

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